Where in the world are you?

In 2008, Rasa and I drove 25,000km overland through Western Africa in a Land Rover Defender from Congo-Brazzaville to Marrakesh, Morocco.  Below is a Google Map of this 103-day journey or you could download the complete Google Earth kml file here.

Each part shows the different sections of our trip; just select any one of them to see that portion in greater detail.  Also, you can grab and scroll the screen or click on the icons to see more information about each point of interest and links to our blog.  And finally, there is a map legend at the bottom of the page if you want to know what any of the lines or icons represent.

  • Part #5 - Popenguine to Ouadane, Mauritania
  • Part #6 - Ouadane to Western Sahara/Morocco Border
  • Part #7 - Border to Marrakech, Morocco

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