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We love learning about these exotic places, the eclectic inhabitants and their unique cultures. If you enjoy this narrative of our experiences or want to help any of these people, please make a PayPal donation.
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Below is a list of everyone (that I can remember) who has helped us with our development projects these last four years. Thank you all for the money, food, transportation, accommodation and most of all the support you have given us.

If I have forgotten someone, please scold me in an email.

Patron Sponsors ($500+) Humanitarian Donors ($100+) Armchair Travelers ($25+)
Maria Siminkas
Chantal & Ange Lobue
Anneliese Scherf-Bliss
Bob & Paula Kent
Jenny & Patrice Letard
Bob Mohr (Education)
Byron Miller (Water)
Donna Keeley (Water)
Bill & Carolyn Meub (Water)
Anita & Bobby Giebert
Aushra & Batu Kirimdar
Jeff & Jennilou Grace (Water)
Ken & Ruth Grabeau (Water)
Veronique Cordier
Jason & Sabrina Freidenfelds
Dave & Lynn Fox (Water)
Seamus & Emiko Innes
David & Michelle Stanley (Water)
Maria Inestroza (Water)
Shareema Houston
Eric & Brittany Clark
Holyoke Rotary
Jeff & Tomoko Meier
Tourists ($5+)
Willie Cintas (Water)
Sue Siegel
Cheryl, Rob & Sam Tickey
Seril James
Eureka Rotary (Water)
Honorable Mention
Kevin Wohlmut
Tommy Schultz
To Learn Arabic School
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